Introducing “Barn to Bath” Farm Tours

Starting August 2, 2016, we will be offering guided “barn to bath” farm & soap making tours!

Individuals or small groups can enjoy guided tours of our farm and soap making workshop from the groovy farmer himself -Ryan! Find out how it all began. Get up-close and personal with our groovy goats and other animals. Learn about the soap making process and take home a soap sample. Allow approximately 45 – 60 minutes for tour.

Fee: $7 per person (children 3 and under are free!)

Barn to Bath Farm Tour Schedule

For 2020 we will be doing the barn to bath tours by appointment only

Call (902-285-2265) or inquire on our website ( to book your tour in advance. If our tour schedule doesn’t work for you please inquire about booking a private tour (available on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays). In September and October, tours are by appointment only.

Don’t have time for a barn tour? Why not check out our petting farm located directly behind our soap shop anytime during business hours*? As of July 28, 2016, our petting farm entrance fee is $3 per person (children 3 and under are free!). Our returning visitors can ask about a season’s pass 😉 Take a stroll out to our goat enclosure to experience the sights and sounds (and smells!) of a farm firsthand. Wander into our newly constructed barn to visit our chickens, pigs and rabbits. There are also picnic tables and a children’s playground to enjoy. A perfect place for family fun, rain or shine!

Don’t forget your camera as there are bound to be some great photo opportunities!

*Petting farm is open during store hours (9am – 7pm daily during July & August, 10am – 6pm during September & October)

The Perils of Painting

Painting ugh!

Have you ever tried to paint a room before? How about an entire floor of your house? Well, this winter we started the hard task of deciding what colour scheme we should paint the outside of our store. We always liked the natural wood look but the issue came up that people were not noticing the store as they drove by. Customers pass by and notice the store too late. They have to drive down the road and turn around, but how many of them don’t turn around? We will never know! So now we have a decision to make – what colour to paint! Now if you have never been to our store or wandered around our property I will try to “paint you a picture.” We have our store right on the Cabot Trail, which right now, is natural wood board with a number of paint splotches on the back. Beside the store is our cream coloured sign with dark blue posts. Than we have our white barn style roof house; as well as a beige color barn out back with red doors that is accompanied by a dark blue baby barn with a red door and cream trim. SO, picking a colour for our store is not as easy as just one colour. It is a colour for the store, the sign, the house, the barn and the baby barn. We don’t want them all the same, but we don’t want them to clash; we want to tie all the colours together. Once we decided on some of the colours we liked we started painting one foot squares on the back of the store trying to figure out what looks the best. Then the store opened for the season. Customers started coming in and voicing their favorite colours for which we should paint the store. After a lot of back and forth we finally decided what color to paint it, knowing it’s the right colour to get the job done! Now comes the stressful part of painting it and listening to the positive and negative views on what we did. In a small community this could be the talk of the town for a while. Want to know what colour we picked? You’ll have to wait and see! Wish us luck!

The New Barn is finally (well almost) Complete!

Groovy Goat Farm

Groovy Goat was a hobby farm before it was a business. We built our barn one section at a time with what we could afford and it was never built properly. As our farm grew, our needs outgrew our barn and in November 2014 we started work on our new two story 24′ by 40′ barn. It was a learning curve for me, knowing a lot about electrical and enough about carpentry to get the job done. The barn was completed one long year later, with a concrete floor complete with drains, electrical, a hay loft and an unfurnished milking parlor. By winter 2016, our barn was done enough for the goats to move in. It is making our lives a lot easier and our groovy goats much happier. Please pop by for a visit if you’re around the Ingonish area. We will be offering barn/farm tours in the upcoming 2016 tourist season.

Planning a Wedding?

Groovy Goat Wedding Favors

Did you or someone you know get engaged over the holidays? It’s never too early to start planning, including choosing your wedding favors. Your guests will be sure to love our miniature soap and lotion favors. Every detail, from the product to the packaging, is personalized to best represent you and your special day. Find more information at