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This is why we do what we do!

March 1, 2017

Farm Kids

At a young age we learn how to work: clean our room, do the dishes, take the garbage out and so on. For farm kids, it goes like: feed the animals, muck out the stalls, milk the cow, collect the eggs, etc! In any case, we lean how to work! From this point on our skill set changes as do our tasks and responsibilities. Eventually we end up in what is hopefully a wonderful, challenging, rewarding career.

Groovy Goat Success

At Groovy Goat, we love our job! Don’t get me wrong. Every job has that little thing that you dread doing but, 99% of the time, we love what we do. Then one day we received an email from a lady, a customer who wrote us the most unbelievable letter.

The letter goes: “I am so happy I discovered your product. I am an intensive care nurse and for the past six years I have suffered with eczema related to the soaps and gloves that I use at work. I have used trial and error to try and find something that works but nothing ever seemed to cure my hands. This winter I had an exacerbation of eczema and occupational health/my physician would not allow me to work while my hands were cracked and inflamed.”  She continues on saying that in just a few days her hands that were in such rough shape had cleared up so much that she didn’t recognize them!

Loving Our Goat Milk Soap

We by no means claim that our products cure any conditions, although a lot of people have great success with them. Every person is different and therefore responds to products differently but, WOW, what a letter to get. As if we didn’t love our job enough, this email just put us on cloud nine. Each one of our amazing groovy goat customers makes every day such an enjoyable, rewarding experience. That’s “Why We Do What We Do”!



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