Our handmade artisan gelato is made primarily with cows’ milk, but we typically have some goat milk varieties available for more adventurous taste buds! We also make delicious dairy-free sorbets and have gluten-free options as well.

One of the grooviest things about gelato is that you actually get a stronger flavor simply based on HOW it’s made. The technique that is used to create gelato puts less air into the finished product and results in a silky, dense, packed-with-flavour delicious treat! You can watch the entire process unfold through our production viewing window.

The flavours in our display case are always changing, based on what ingredients are fresh and in-season. Even our waffle cones and bubble waffle cones are made daily from scratch to ensure freshness. If gelato is not your thing, we can mix you up a refreshing Italian soda or a nitro coffee!

Is your mouth watering yet?

We’re open daily from 9am-8pm in July and August, with reduced hours the rest of the year. That’s right – you can even get our gelato in the wintertime! At Groovy Goat, we believe there is no bad time to eat gelato.

*please note that our gelato is not made in a nut-free environment.  

So, what is gelato anyway?

While they are both delicious frozen treats, gelato and ice cream have some key differences! Here’s a little crash course for you…

Ice cream is more popular in America, while gelato originated (and is still most popular) in Italy.

Gelato contains less butterfat than ice cream (gelato = more milk, less cream while ice cream = more cream, less milk).

Ice cream contains more air, making it creamier and fluffier, while the texture of gelato is denser and smoother.

Gelato flavours tend to be fresher and richer (think dense and intense)! Because it has less fat and is served at a warmer temperature than ice cream, the flavours really shine through!

Authentic gelato is not scooped like ice cream - it’s served with a spade from a gorgeous display counter.

a hand holding an ice cream cone